How do I customize the crumb trail


BirdDog eCommerce has a control call CategoryPath that is used to display the crumb trail.  In its' basic form it looks like this:

<BDW:CategoryPath id="CatPath" runat="server" CurrentCategory='<%# Request.QueryString("Category") %>' RootCategories="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" />

CategoryPath has the following properties:

CurrentCategory - This is the ID of the current Web Category (will be displayed at the far right of the crumb trail)

RootCategories - This is a comma separated list of Web Category IDs that tell the control where to stop displaying.  For example, if you have a Web Category structure that looks like Root | My Site | Left Hand Menu | Cat 1, you would want to set the RootCategories property to the ID of Left Hand Menu in order for this Web Category to not show in the crumb trail.  An ID made up of all zeros represents the Root.  If the RootCategories property is set to all zeros, but the MainMenuCategory property has been set in the Web.Config, CategoryPath will use the MainMenuCategory for the RootCategories property.

Separator - This is the character that separates each Web Category Description, the default is | (pipe symbol).

SeparatorImage - This is the image that separates each Web Category Description

cssclass - The CSS Class applied to each Menu Item

ShowCurrentCategory - If true, the Current Category will be included in the Path