Purchase Order Integrator


Import purchase orders from any source directly into purchase order entry

If you have purchase orders created through other systems, don’t re-key. Import them using BirdDog Purchase Order Integrator.

  • Supports two integrators:
    • Purchase Orders - used to create and update purchase orders
    • Purchase Order Receipts - used to create receiving transactions
  • Simple to use CSV* layout
  • Specify the purchase order number or use the next number from P/O setup
  • Leave the cost blank to have the appropriate cost calculated or enter a specific cost in the import file
  • The purchase order integrator updates all tables just as though the purchase order was keyed in manually

 Avoid inefficiency, headaches, and mistakes with the BirdDog Order Integrator.

Sales Order Integrator is job enabled, meaning the import process can be run automatically with BirdDog Job Master.

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