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You have built a successful business around accounting, ERP, CRM and other business applications, most likely delivered on-premise. But the model is changing; cloud computing solutions are replacing traditional solutions at an increasing rate. BirdDog is a web-based ERP product that can be deployed on site or in the cloud. BirdDog can be purchased as a traditional software license or a subscription service (SaaS) giving you the flexibility to offer the solution that makes sense for your client.

BirdDog offers your customers a powerful end-to-end platform for managing all key business operations: accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), marketing and ecommerce. BirdDog drives all the same service opportunities as on premise solutions- data conversion, configuration, business process consultation and training.

If your organization sells client-server ERP applications to medium sized businesses, it is easy to add BirdDog Software to your existing offerings. Differentiate yourself from other providers and close a higher percentage of deals by offering the latest in ERP, Ecommerce and CRM technology.