Special Instructions: Mapping a Sage 100 Bank Code to a Cash Account


When uploading a deposit to a new cash account to Sage 100 for the first time, the BirdDog Connector Sub-System will create a default linkage to bank code A. If you would like for it to use a different bank code then you will need to update the default mapping that is created. Follow the procedure below to update the default mapping to the specific bank code you need.


  1. Generate a deposit for each cash account that you support and upload them to Sage 100 via the Connector Sub-System. This run will fail asking you to review the linkage.
  2. In Server Management Studio pointed at your BirdDog database, review the table BD_ConnectorLinkages_Sage100BankCodeLinkage. There should be a linkage for:
    • ConnectorID
    • Mn_No - Main account number from the G/L Account table (SYActFil_sql)
    • Sb_No - Sub account number from the G/L Account table (SYActFil_sql)
    • Dp_No - Department number from the G/L Account table (SYActFil_sql)
    • BankCode - Bank code from Sage 100>Common Information>Main>Bank Code Maintenance
  3. Change the bank code in that record to the appropriate value
  4. Now run connectors again and the deposit will upload to Sage 100 with the appropriate bank code