Framework SDK


Built entirely in .Net, these Object Oriented programming tools (dlls) remove the frustration of talking directly to your ERP's by mapping it to user friendly BirdDog Objects.
With these tools, developers spin up applications quickly with the added assurance that BirdDog gives their custom applications the ability to upgrade effortlessly anytime their ERP versions change.

Give your in house development team the structure they need to create custom integrated applications

  • BirdDog Framework is unparalleled in its logic and flexibility
  • Framework enables you to take your business applications where you've always wanted to go but couldn't.
  • FrameWork ensures data is passed in a manner that is acceptable to your ERP
  • Developed and tested over a 20 year period
  • Allows programmers to automate processes, eliminating human error
  • Understands ERP logic and rules-so you don’t have to
  • Support for all facets of the BirdDog integration environment:
    • Accounting
    • Distribution
    • Manufacturing
  • Includes a development database and unit tests

To look at Customer # 100, without the BirdDog SDK you do this:

dim rs as Recordset "SELECT * FROM ARCusFil_Sql WHERE Cus_No = '000000000100'"


print rs!Cus_No 'This will print 000000000100 unless we do some formatting on it

print rs!Cus_Name

print rs!Adr_1

print rs!Zip

print rs!Start_dt 'This will print 20031105 for November 5th, 2003 unless we do some formatting on it


With the SDK you do this:

dim oCustomer as New Customer


oCustomer.Load("100") 'No need to format the Customer #, BirdDog knows!


print oCustomer.Cus_No ' This will print 100, BirdDog knows how to format Customer numbers regardless of how your ERP stores them

print oCustomer.Cus_Name

print oCustomer.Adr_1

print oCustomer.Zip

print oCustomer.Start_Date 'Thise will print 11/5/2003, BirdDog knows how to format dates regardless of how your ERP stores them