Setting Up the Connector In Enterprise Windows


Configuration Guide

To get the ShippingEasy setup and running properly you will need to perform the following actions:

  1. Get API information from ShippingEasy
  2. Setup the ShippingEasy Connector
  3. Run Connectors immediately to push initial data up to ShippingEasy.
  4. Setup a job to automate pushing subsequent changes up to ShippingEasy and downloading information from ShippingEasy to your local ERP.

Get API Information

On the ShippingEasy dashboard, you will need to:

  1. Go to and login
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Click on API Credentials
    • Copy the API Key
    • Copy the API Secret
  4. Go back to Settings
  5. Click on Stores & Orders
  6. Add New
    • Add New
    • Platform: ShippingEasy API
    • Store URL: Enter your BirdDog Enterprise web site URL if you have one, otherwise enter your public web site URL
    • On the Store Info that opens up, make sure you've got the shipping address and zip code populated correctly for accuracy
    • Click Save
    • Click Stores and Orders
    • Look for the store name you just created and see the Store API Key. Copy that.

Setup the ShippingEasy Connector

To configure Enterprise for Windows to use ShippingEasy, you need:

  1. Go to Maintain > Setup > Connector Accounts
  2. Click Add
  3. Enter your ShippingEasy Credentials
    • Type: Shipping Easy should be selected in this dropdown list.
    • Notify Email: Email address to receive activity reports from the connector.
    • Notify Verbosity: Use this dropdown list to setup how frequently you want to receive notifications:
      • All - receive email alerts every time the connector runs, regardless of activity
      • Activity - receive email alerts when something is uploaded to or downloaded from Amazon
      • Errors - only receive alerts when the connector encounters errors
      • None - receive no email alerts ever
    • API Key: Paste the information copied from above
    • API Secret: Paste the information copied from above
    • Store API Key: Paste the information copied from above
    • Order Status To Upload: From this dropdown list, select an order status. Orders with this status will upload to ShippingEasy. If blank, all order statuses will upload. If the status is pick ticket printed (4) then Picked(5) and Packing Slip Printed (6) will upload as well.
    • Ship Via To Upload: Input the appropriate Ship Via codes. Orders with this ShipVia will upload to ShippingEasy. If blank, all orders will upload. Separate multiple values with, so, for example, if you want only orders with ship vias of Ground and Priority and they have codes of GRD and PRI respectively, you'd plug in GRD,PRI into this field.
    • Enabled: If this checkbox is unmarked, then this connector will be ignored when you Run Connectors (either manually or via a job.)

Run the Connector Manually

During initial configuration and anytime you want to force the process after that you can run the connector manually; note that is the jobs are unpaused, you will not be able to use this manual process:

  1. Enterprise for Windows > Processes > Run Connectors

Create the Job

To ensure BirdDog keeps the data flowing between your ERP and ShippingEasy automatically you will need to:

  1. Go to Maintain > Jobs
  2. Click on the Schedule New Job button
  3. Select Run Connectors in the Job dropdown list
  4. Schedule the job according to how frequently you want it to run (for example, every hour or at a certain time each day.)
  5. Save.