Non-Inventory Items in QuickBooks Into Service Pro


Only QuickBooks Items with a Type of Inventory Part will automatically upload to Service Pro; all other item types - like Service or Other Charge or Group - will come into the BirdDog database with a Service Pro type of Unassigned. These will not move to Service Pro until they have a type assigned to them. To do this with Enterprise for Windows, follow these steps:

  • Maintain | Items
  • Plugin in the Item name.
  • In the menu, you'll note that you default to Long Description. On the far right click the > button until you see the Integrations tab, then click on it.
  • Set the Service Pro Type DDL to the appropriate item type. Only available Service Pro items show on this dropdown, so your best judgement may be required to determine appropriate item type.
  • Click OK.
  • Repeat as necessary for other non-inventory items.

In the event that you no longer want a task from a non-inventory item that you've set up this way, simply change the Service Pro type back to Unassigned using the method noted above. The next time that you run connectors, the system will delete that item from Service Pro.