How to modify BirdDog Crystal Reports


BirdDog uses Crystal Reports for printed reports in order to enable our customers to customize the layout to match their needs.

Workstation Setup

  1. You will either need Crystal Reports (paid) or Visual Studio (free) along with Crystal Reports for Visual Studio (free)
  2. While not required, you should also have Enterprise for Windows available to make testing the reports easier

Customizing the Report

  1. Our standard reports are installed to the Reports sub directory beneath each of our applications (Enterprise, Enterprise for Windows, and Job Master)
  2. Find the report you want to edit and open it in your editor (Crystal Reports or Visual Studio)
  3. Crystal Reports uses a WYSIWYG editor where you can add your logo and move the existing formatting around
  4. In the case where you need a field that isn't on the report you can drag and drop it from the Database fields tool:
    1. Database Fields

FYI, formula for removing the timestamp from the (invoice) date is: totext({OEORDHDR_SQL.inv_dt}, "MM/dd/yyyy")