How to Enable Freight Collect at Checkout


There are a couple of steps required to enable this functionality. In short, they are:

  1. Verify you have a collect freight pay code.
  2. Assign that Freight Pay Code to Site Settings.
  3. Confirm you see this option during checkout.

Verify Collect Freight Pay Code Exists

  • On your website, login as admin.
  • Navigate to System Management | Freight | Freight Pay Codes.
  • Confirm Collect exists or, if it does not, create it.

Assign Freight Pay Code to Site Settings

  • Still on your website, navigate to System Management | Site Settings.
  • Click on your website URL.
  • On Site Settings, click on the Ecommerce tab.
  • Under Freight Pay Methods, there is a dropdown list; click on that dropdown list, select your Collect pay code and then click on Add.
  • Save your Site Settings.
  • As with all changes made to site settings, you will want to click the Reload Site Settings to ensure your changes are pushed.

Confirm Collect Freight Pay Code is Available During Checkout

  • Now log out and log in to your website as a regular customer.
  • Add an item to your cart and proceed to your checkout page.
  • Presuming you have multiple freight pay codes as in the example above, you will see all available options here. Select collect.
  • As soon as you select the collect freight pay code another dropdown list called Collect Account No will appear. If the customer you are logged in as already has a collect account saved where the shipper matches the shipper of the currently selected shipping method then this account will be available to select. Otherwise, you will need to input the appropriate account information in the newly available field. There is also the save collect account checkbox that will allow the account information to be saved for future use.