Cross Sell vs. Upsell

I can see that BirdDog supports both, but what's the difference?


  • Cross sell is what you use when you want to offer additional items to go with the items your customer has already chosen
  • Upsell is what you use when you want your customer to buy upgraded items instead of the items they have already chosen

I have a pair of shoes to sell you.
They are a good pair, at a good price, but there are no special features.

  • Cross sell
    • I offer you some shoe laces to go with your shoes
    • If you choose them, you will buy both the shoes and the laces
  • Upsell
    • I offer you a different pair of shoes with shiny decals on them, that cost a little bit more
    • If you choose them, you will ONLY buy the shiny decal shoes, as they replace the original pair in your cart

These features can be used alone, or in tandem. All you have to do is attach them to the item in question.