How to diagnose shopping carts with a status of 13

Per the how it works page, shopping carts should only be at status 13 for a few seconds at most. When you have a shopping cart that has that status for longer than that something has gone catastrophically wrong and needs to be reviewed:

  1. Find shopping carts with a status 13: select * from BDCarts where status=13
  2. Find the date/time where the user placed the order:
    1. select * from BDPageHits where CartID='{CartID from previous query}' order by HitDate desc
    2. Locate the page hit where the user clicked the place order button
  3. Reviewing logging to determine what happened:
    1. select * from BDLogging where EventTime>='{date/time from previous step}' and EventTime<='{5 minutes later}'
    2. Look for severity 1 and 2 errors
    3. If nothing is returned that looks like it is the culprit then review the Windows Event Viewer for the same time frame as it may have been logged there

Note - a shopping cart stuck on status 13 should NEVER happen. In the case where it does it is almost always a low level web or sql server issue:

  • Web server
    • Web server crash - IIS or the Asp.Net process crashing
  • Sql Server
    • Sql timeouts due to the sql server being overloaded, indexes missing, or indexes being highly fragmented, see this page for solutions