When you are getting started with Freight, follow these steps:

BirdDog Freight is a very sophisticated system for calculating Freight Quotes. However, as with any sophisticated tool, it is best to start off as simple as possible. Start with one or two Freight accounts and setup your Shipping Methods with a  single price range, and Cost / Price modifiers of 1.0.

Some definitions are in order before you proceed:

  • A Shipper is simply another name for the freight company (FedEx, UPS, etc.) You should set up your account with the shipper beforehand.
  • The Freight Account is what the system uses for User Name / Password to communicate with the above-mentioned shipper.
  • The Shipping Method is how you are shipping through that company (Next Day, 3 Day, Ground, etc.) Each combination of Freight Account | Shipping Method must be assigned to a single Ship Via Code, otherwise the system may calculate incorrectly.