Shipping Methods

The Shipping Methods maintenance is where you map Ship Via Codes of the Accounting / Distribution System to the Shipping Methods of the Freight System.

Go to System Management | Freight | Ship Vias to see all Ship Via Codes that have been setup: 


This Dialog has the following options:

  • Add Ship Via - Adds a new mapping
  • Edit - Make changes to selected mapping

Clicking Add New Shipping Service or Editing an existing Ship Via Code brings up the following Dialog:


The screen has the following options:

  • Code- This is the Macola Ship Via Code.
  • Short Description - This is the short name for this code for easy identification
  • Long Description - This is the longer name, where you can be more specific if necessary.
  • Shipper - This dropdown allows you to select the Shipper that will be used to rate this method.  This Shipper must be setup in Freight Accounts
  • Shipping Method -This dropdown allows you to select the Shipping method to rate with
  • Freight Account -
  • Misc Account
  • Cost Account
  • Cost Accrual Account

Note: Each combination of Freight Account | Shipping Method must be assigned to a single Ship Via Code; otherwise, the system may calculate incorrectly.