Reprocess cart to order


In rare circumstances data or site configurations can cause a cart to have an error converting to an order. In this scenario the cart status will be set to 13. Follow these steps to reprocess the cart to get the sales order created:

  1. Fix the error that caused the problem
  2. Set the cart status to reprocess -Update BDCarts Set Status = '22' Where CartID = '{cartid with the error}'
  3. Create a job to reprocess carts. This job is on the remote/hosted site, not the local one that it will be synced down to.
    1. System Management > Jobs
    2. Create job "Reprocess Cart to Order on web site"
    3. Make sure "Service Data Definitions: site settings URL to use" is set to the appropriate url
    4. Click "Save and Execute Job" - this will run the job 1 time which takes about 1 minute
    5. Refresh logging until complete to verify no more errors occur
    6. This will convert status 22 to status 1