Web Pricing

Manual Pricing on a BirdDog Powered Website (understanding price codes)

Overview Pricing

Pricing is taken directly from your Item and Order Entry data. BirdDog software can use both the price from the default location, typically as the suggested price, and use the pricing from the price code for the actual sales price.

The default location price is the price in the default item location file.

The price code price is processed per settings from OE Price Code Maintenance, and O/E Setup for the order, or Priority, and selection method of the price codes


As an Anonymous user, a person on your web site that has not yet logged in, the customer number is not yet known, however, you can set a default Customer Type.

Price Code 6: Item Number Only; the price code is related specifically to the Item Number.

Price Code 8: Product Category is a very general price code allowing you to set percent discounts over many items with one price code record.

When the user logs into a BirdDog web site who has been assigned a company (or several Maintain/Users), the customer number is known, and the user will see any pricing based on any price codes that affect that customer:

Customer Number and Item Number(1)

Customer Number and Product Category(2)

Technical stuff

The Category Page will show the Customer's price in the Item List.

The Itemform page allows two different tags: One from the default item location, typical application is for the "Suggested Price" or "MSRP." The second tag is the Selling Price. This is strictly from the Price code file. If more than one price is calculated, quantity discount, then the option exists to show the break point prices in a list below the item on the items page.

If the Price code has Quantity price Breaks then Birddog will create a a table that displays each price break.

Price Codes

If the pricing is not making sense, print out a price code listing and review for overlapping or incorrect dates.

Is the Price Code Use in O/E Setup set correctly: Best or Priority?

Best will find the lowest price using all the price codes.

Is the selection order correct? If Priority is selected then the first price code that matches will stop the search and that price code will be used to calculate price.