Using your Calendar


Once tasks have been assigned a date and or a time, they show on the calendar page.

Since you will be inteacting with other people who are using BRAIN; you can look at other users' calendars in order to see if they have time available for meeting, or working on a project you are considering assigning to them.

The BRAIN calendar has two different parts, the daily appointment book and the Daily Task list.  Tasks processed in your Inbox that are given a date only will show in your daily task list for that day.  If you also assign a time, they will display as an appointment.

If you choose to display both open and completed tasks and appointments; the open appointments will display showing a bell. The bell will not show on completed appointments.

To access the task on either the appointment list, or the Daily Task list, simply double click the reference and the task window will open.  In order to remove the appointment or the task. you will need to mark it complete.  Find out more about processing Tasks.