Scenario 2 - Inventory Transfer


Data expectations

  • Each target location is expected to have a unique customer for that location, and each target location should have a unique in transit location for that target location.
  • When you use this customer in order entry, it allows the system to know to perform the Inventory Transfer procedure.
  • Click here for instructions to set this up.


  • Create Order
    • CSR enters inventory transfer via order entry. Use the receiving warehouse's customer number for the customer. Desired items are added to the order and the source location is set on the item line.
  • Confirm Ship Order 
    • Go to Warehouse Management | Shipping | Confirm Ship
    • Select source location
    • Click Refresh
    • Click on the order
    • Click "Confirm Ship"
  • Process the Order (select, invoice, and post) as per your normal procedure.
  • Order is updated and inventory is moved to the ’in-transit’ location.


  • Go to Warehouse Management | Receiving | Receive Transfers
  • Select the receiving location
  • Click Refresh
  • A list of invoices (posted orders) with inventory waiting at the in transit location for the receiving location are listed.
  • Click on the desired invoice.
  • Click "Confirm Receipt"
  • Inventory is received from the in-transit location into the receiving location.