Scenario 3: Inventory Transfer to Replenish a Sales Location

Now that the system is setup correctly, the software can be used to process transfers between warehouses. This system will create orders, shift the inventory into the appropriate warehouse locations, and generally just automate the process.
  1.  Transfer items from another location
    • Warehouse Management | Warehouse | Transfer from Another Location
    • Transfer To is the Destination warehouse.
    • The Default Source is the default location
    • Click on Refresh (the two blue arrows)
    • The system will populate all outstanding orders that require Transfers
    • If the Source Location dropdown needs to be adjusted, do so before changing the quantity to transfer.
    • The Qty to Transfer field can be adjusted (if, for example, you want to send 50 instead of the 10 needed.)
    • Click on the Selected check boxes for all items that are to be transferred.
    • To transfer, click on the green Transfer button. This will generate a new Order
  2. Review the Order
    • All items selected should be present.
    • All price totals should be $0.00
    • If you need to make adjustments to the order or comments, you can do so by Editing the Order.
  3. Ship the order
    • Warehouse Management | Shipping | Ship Orders
    • The Location dropdown should be the FROM warehouse.
    • Click on the link of the order you just generated in step #2
  4. Confirm Ship the order
    • Click on the Confirm Ship button when the items go out the door.
    • Once you do this, these items move from the originating warehouse to the appropriate in-transit warehouse you created earlier. They will remain here until received.
  5. Process the Order(s) through Select, Invoiced, and Posted as per your normal procedure.
  6. Receive the items
    • When the items come into the new warehouse, you need to 'receive' them.
    • At this point, the inventory from this invoice moves out of the in-transit warehouse and into the warehouse that just received the items.

At this point, you may proceed with filling back-orders per your standard procedures.