Synergy Integration


This tab is only relevant for users of EM10 or Macola ES with Synergy. Macola ES without Synergy, BirdDog Engine, and Progression database types should not use this.

Synergy Integration

  • Enable Synergy - if this box is unchecked, none of the Connection information below will be addressed by the system. When this is checked and the Connection information below is populated, Enterprise makes the following changes to how the system works:
    • Next customer/vendor number is pulled from the Synergy database instead of Macola
    • Customer adds, edits, and deletes occur in both the synergy and Macola database. These include the following tables:
      • Organizations
      • Addresses
      • Contacts
      • Division Debtors


  • Database: this is the Synergy database, not the EM10 one.
  • Server: this is where the Synergy database is located.
  • Username: this is the SQL account you want to use to access the Synergy database.
  • Password: this is the password for the above SQL account to access the Synergy database.
  • Use Trusted Connection - check this box if you want to use the appropriate Windows user instead of a SQL account and password
  • Next Customer No from Synergy - this cannot be changed by a User but will allow you to see what the next CusNo should be.