How to submit your Update Request


Submit an Update Request using the procedure below and we'll get started on your website changes. 

1. Create your Update Request

We do our best to make things easy on you. Simply write down the changes you would like made. The more detailed and specific your update request is, the better job we can do. Of course if we misinterpret something, or an Update Request doesn't come out like you had imagined, we'll fix it right away (for free, as part of the same Update Request).
Here are some sample Update Requests:

Hello BirdDog. The text I want removed is in red. The text in green should be added.

On the About Us Page:

We've been serving up the finest widgets since 1985. While you can find widgets elsewhere, ours are obviously the best. We strive to come up with the most innovative widgets anywhere.

Since 1985, we've helped over 200,000 250,000 customers find true happiness.

The images attached to this email should be added to our Summer Trade Show 2013 gallery. Please crop any images that you think look horrible as-is. I've attached them directly from my camera.

Also, on our Services page, please remove all of the text and replace it with the attached Word document. Make it look fancy like you did on the last page.


The following are updated prices for our store:

Product 17523 $12.99
Product 13457 $19.99
Product 13274 $15.99
Product 20356 $25.00

Also, attached is a new main image for product 1274. Thanks!

2. Submit your Update Request

  • Send an email to or
  • Call us toll free at 877.794.5950 and press 1 or
  • Send a Fax to 405.794.2160

3. After Completion

We'll let you know when your update is complete. If you're curious, or have requested our approval process, give us a call to check on your updates.

After your Update Request has been completed, you must use your browser's refresh button to see the changes.

This is because your browser on your computer stores a copy of the page. It may have stored the copy several days ago when you last looked at the site. Pressing the refresh button causes your browser to download a fresh copy of the page from the web server.