Bug Fixes - Version 13.0.36 - Released 15 September 2021

This build has the following bug fixes implemented:
11836227 - Billed Date Not Being Handled Correctly
This resolves two similar but slightly different issues: when using Macola Progression, the Billed Date was not being set to today's date when the order was selected for billing, and when using Macola ES, the Order Date Billed was not being cleared on a backorder when a shipment was posted.
11837737 - Item Request Date Not Matching Order Date
By default, our system automatically sets a new order's "request date" to the "order date"; we weren't doing that in newer builds.
11840791 - Sage Miscellaneous Items Not Uploading to SvcPro
A miscellaneous Item created in Sage 100 appeared to come into the BirdDog DB correctly, and logging showed it being uploaded to Service Pro, but the item never actually appeared in SP, and the SP linkage for the item got a RemoteID of "unassigned-/ITEM_NO" and a RemoteID 2 of "Unassigned". No errors or anything in logging were being recorded beyond the "Uploaded /ITEM_NO" entry.
11840950 - Invalid Contact Created When Emailing from Customer Service
When emailing a quote/invoice from Customer Service using a list of multiple destination email addresses, instead of creating a new task and attaching it to the existing contact associated with that email address (or creating a new contact if it doesn't exist), the system created a new contact that has the entire list of email addresses as the contact username.