New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
11641730 - Epicor Connector
This enhancement updates the BirdDog Connector Sub-System to integrate the Epicor ERP with our ecommerce platform. This is currently a level one integration in that we download items, customers and all of the connected data required to ensure those function from Epicor to BirdDog, and upload sales orders from Ecommerce back to Epicor. Coordinate with BirdDog to set up this connector.
11836635 - Update ServicePro Connector to Round Trip Unit Price and Sales Tax Changes
Prior to this build, you could set the ServicePro connector sub-system to "Sync Order Line Unit Price." However, if this was unchecked, even though we updated the price correctly in BirdDog, we didn't push this change back up to ServicePro. In addition to fixing that, with this build, if you are using the ServicePro connector and are licensed for AvaTax, then the connector will push the calculated AvaTax amount up to ServicePro.
11837192 - CertCapture Connector Shouldn't Require the Verified Flag To Be Set on a Cert to Download
We made a number of improvements to the Avalara CertCapture connector functionality:
  • Cert no longer has to be verified to download.
  • Reporting of duplicate certs as a warning.
  • Overwrite cert if a newer expiration date is found.
  • Sales Tax certs downloaded now show on the connector report.
  • Cert download updated to use the greatest seen time sub-system so it won't try downloading all certs on every run.
11837578 - Item Weights Not Coming In From M1
Previously, we did not bring item weights into Ecommerce from M1 via the Connector Sub-System, which limited freight rating functionality. As of this build, that has been added to the system.
11837866 - Weight UOM is 3 Chars in M1 But Only 2 Chars In BD
M1 allows 3 character UOM fields but we only supported 2 characters. This build extended it to 3.