Bug Fixes - Version 14.0.54 - Released 15 September 2021

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
6852190 - Item Copy Also Copies Quantities
The Warehouse Management | Item Edit | Copy function was also copying locations and quantities (i.e. QOH, Allocated, B/O) before this build.
11836216 - Updated the Shopify Connector to Use API Version 2021-07
Shopify only supports APIs for a year, so as of this build, we updated the BirdDog Connector Sub-System for Shopify to use the Shopify API 2021-07.
11837831 - Updating Freight Code Consistency
This branch has a change to Freight Code N and X to make them consistent across platforms. Prior to this, Macola Progression and BirdDog engine databases had code N that meant "No Charge" and Macola ES and Macole 10 had N that meant "Normal" with X that meant "No Charge". As of this build, all new installs will have N as "Normal" and "X" as "No Charge". Existing customers should update freight codes to match to prevent confusion going forward.
11839451 - Getting 'Sequence contains more than one element' on Order Download from SvcPro
The system was not handling bad data coming from Service Pro well.
11840575 - Amt User only showing System User as User Who Authorized Transaction
When logged into Enterprise for Windows with a user other than admin, Authorizing or Capturing a CC transaction 'Amt User' showed 'System User' instead of user that is currently logged into EntWin.