Bug Fixes - Version 14.0.55 - Released 10 December 2021

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11835094 - If Item Is In My Favorites, the ItemForm Page Looks Odd With Regards to Add to My Favorites
The "Add to My Favorites" section on ItemForm didn't really update properly if an item was already in a customer's Favorite List.
11837181 - Price Code DDL on Global Settings in Wrong Place
Needed to relocate this dropdown list on Global Settings, because it is the most important part and should be at the top.
11837953 - Stop Creating Canadian Tax Schedule and Codes Automatically
Previous versions of our software created the tax schedule SVCCA, and tax codes GST, HST and PST in the database the first time it was touched. This build change now requires these to be manually setup when using the AvaTax sales tax connector in Canada
11838597 - Need Tooltip for Package As Components
A desperately needed tooltip was missing on the Item Edit page to explain how Package As Components works.