New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
11833440 - Create Initial Pass of the QuickBooks Desktop Connector
Added support for QuickBooks Deskop connector as a supported ERP/Accounting System - this is a level 2 integration which includes 2-way sync of Customers and Sales Orders along with one way sync of items and G/L accounts.
11835879 - Remove Duplicate Column Types Such As Sage_User and AvalaraSalesTaxCertificate_UserName
Generalized how we handle some column types for connectors. This change requires a data conversion that is completely automatic and currently backwards compatible.
11836755 - Convert Shopify Events From Functions With Boolean Returns to Subs With Cancellable Event Args
Updated Shopify events to bring them up to the current connector events standard. Added new events OrderApplyPayments_Before and PushFulfilments_Before.
11839487 - Add Ability to Run Connectors Continously from EntWin
Prior to this build, the Run Connectors process in Enterprise for Windows would only run a single time. Now, we've added the option to run once or to run continuously with the latter displaying a status of running and the count of how many times it has run.
11840954 - Add GraphiQL To The GraphQL Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
We are super excited about the addition of GraphiQL ( We have been working to move our public API to use GraphQL ( for a while now and have been silently releasing new endpoints and functionality as we go. GraphQL is a performant API that allows developers to request exactly what they want in a simple to use query language. This is the foundation of all of the work we are doing in our web-next project and will allow our customers to use the exact same APIs that our developers use. The addition of GraphiQL completely exposes what is available to our customers. Instructions for use can be found here.