Bug Fixes - Version 14.1.27 - Released 26 October 2021

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11839806 - Error Downloading Orders From Amazon
Object reference error noted on downloading specific orders using the Amazon connector.
11841793 - Sage Connector Sets Warehouse on Miscellaneous Item on Orderline
When an order was created in Service Pro and synced down to Sage 100, the connector was setting a Warehouse (Location) on the item in the orderline, even though Sage doesn't actually consider a Misc Item to have a warehouse attached to it, and setting this location wasn't necessary for the item/order to be valid in Sage.
11841836 - Woocommerce Doesn't Handle Downloading An Order For An Item That Doesn't Exist At The Connector Location
This covers a fairly specific scenario: your WooCommerce connector is set to pull from Location A, but the Item in your ERP is at Location B. An order placed on Woo for the Item was erroring out when syncing down to the ERP because the Item wasn't stocked at Location A. Now, it just sets sets the sales order line to Location B.