Bug Fixes - Version 14.1.31 - Released 10 December 2021

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11842477 - Add Setting to Default to Web-Next
This is not relevant for most customers as Web-Next is currently only used in rare instances. We changed how we handle our config file so Web-Next is only brought up is explicitly requested.
11843349 - Orderlines Not Syncing To Sage When All Lines Deleted
When creating an order in Service Pro that contains Service Techs that were only set up in SP (they don't exist in BirdDog or Sage 100), and then making changes to the orderlines in SP, some lines don't get synced from BD to Sage.
11844766 - Missing Ship To Stops Order From Downloading From Shopify
This scenario happened when a ship-to that had a linkage to a customer on Shopify was deleted. In the process of fixing this, we also observed an issue where a customer created on Shopify did not have a first name, last name or email and thus could not be properly downloaded.
11844970 - Item Price Change Not Updating Total in Wishlist
When an item is added to a wishlist and then the item price gets changed, the item price does get updated to reflect the new price, but the price total for the item in the wishlist page still showed the old price.
11844985 - Browser Autofilling Email When Adding / Editing a Contact
Observed errors when following this scenario in BRAIN: add a contact for yourself with your email; setup your browser to auto-fill your email address for the appropriate URL you are using; go to an existing contact that doesn't have an email; attempting to save that contact errors out because the email address is already in use.