New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
11833029 - Create First Pass of CommerceHub Connector
Level 1 support for the CommerceHub ERP. We handle Orders, Invoices, and Shipment Notices.
11836800 - Add Partial Support For Variations And Variant Items
A number of enhancements to the WooCommerce Connector: Prior to this build, regular price on Woo was always the Default Location instead of the Connector Location; Prior to this, we weren't sending Taxable, Backorderable, Weight, or Dimensions; This enhances the WooCom connector to download linkages for Variant items; If a linkage exists for a variant, we will upload updates to that variant item.
11839446 - Support Sales Order Lines With A Quantity of Zero
Sage 100 supports lines with zero quantities, but Macola does not. We were only supporting the Macola way and needed to update the system to allow lines with a quantity of zero coming from Sage 100 and from Service Pro when running against Sage 100, but not Macola.
11840013 - Add Ability to Disable Shipment Notifications to Amazon
New setting added to disable uploading shipment notifications when using the Amazon connector.
11840547 - Control What Item Data Is Uploaded to WooCommerce
Added the ability to control what individual item properties get uploaded to the WooCommerce Connector.
11841422 - Hide Obsolete Items From Search
Updated the full text search to sort obsolete items to the bottom.