Bug Fixes - Version 14.2.17 - Released 10 December 2021

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11839748 - New User Connected to Existing Contact in WooCommerce Changing Email Address of the Parent Customer
When using the WooCommerce connector against Macola ES, the following scenario was happening: created a customer in Macola with an email and a contact with a different email; on WooCommerce, place a new order with a new user with the second email; when the order is downloaded, the second email was overwriting the primary email in Macola, which it should not have.
11841650 - Freight From Woo Order Not Writing to Sales Order
Orders with shipping brought down from WooCommerce to your local ERP using the connector sub-system were coming into the latter without any freight.
11842287 - WooCommerce Doesn't Handle Unknown Customer Values From Macola 10/ES
Macola 10 and ES allow Unknown values (code 0) for certain values such as Sales Person and Ship Via. The WooCommerce connector should have pulled these values from the connector when they weren't set on the customer, but prior to this build, did not.
11843069 - Improve QBD Connector Logging on Customer Sync Errors
Fixed an issue with the wrong exception being logged with the QuickBooks Desktop connector.
11843086 - Tax Generated on WooCommerce Not Coming Down to BirdDog
When generating an order in WooCommerce that has tax set up, the order synced down without any tax and there was nothing in the logging indicating an issue even existed. NOTE: This requires the use of Tax Code, not Tax Schedule.