New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
11838221.1 - Confirm Ship Enhancements
We made a number of improvements to the Confirm Ship functionality:
  • Add sales order number entry to Warehouse Management | Shipping | Confirm Ship that allows you to enter or scan a single sales order number.
  • Updated the confirm ship order page header to match order view.
  • Add ability to edit comments on confirm ship (Header comments, ship instruc 1/2, comment 1/2, a/r comments 1-3).
  • Updated the confirm ship order page to record lock the order.
11838221.2 - Customer Service Order/Invoice View Enhancements
We made a number of improvements to the Customer Service order and invoice view:
  • Add Ship Date and void column to the ecom/customer service order/invoice on the tracking number list.
  • Updated Order Edit to unconfirm ship a confirm shipped order when clicking the edit button and the status of the order is Shipped.
11838221.3 - Shipping Interface Enhancements
Updated the select for billing process to not select order lines that weren't confirm shipped.
11838221.4 - Record Shipment Enhancements
Updated record shipment to write to the manifest trx instead of ship trx. Prior to this enhancement, Warehouse Management | Warehouse | Record Shipment wrote the tracking number to the BirdDog Shipping Interface table. While this worked great for the end of day process, it was lousy from a user experience since it didn't show up on the Order View screen in Customer Service or Ecommerce until after the end of day process was ran. With this update, we write it instead to the A/R Shipping Table with a status of unprocessed. This makes it to where it immediately shows on the Order View screen but will also still be used as a trigger for the end of day process.
11840821 - Refactor Process End of Day Job
This is a massive refactor of the Process End of Day Service (not menu item in Enterprise for Windows) that makes major output changes to the individual components of the process end of day job as well as the job itself. Also added verbosity support for the job and all of its components. For example, if you have the Process End of Day job set to a verbosity setting of Activity and you process some orders from shipping interface to post but they don't have any credit card authorizations, you will get the individual reports such as shipping interface, invoicing, and posting, along with the process end of day summary but you won't get a report for the capture process.
11840858 - Update Order.OrderBy_Email to Pull From Order Table
Prior to this build, the ordered by email that shows on the customer service order form pulls from Ordered_ByEmail field on the Carts table. We updated the system to write that to the order when converting a cart to an order in Ecommerce/Customer Service.
11843393 - Production Order Customer Number Field Not Long Enough
Expanded BirdDog engine field lengths in PPOrdFil_sql, IMOrdBld_sql, and IMOrdHst_sql.
11843401 - Post Sales Orders for Macola ES is Not Populating Some Fields Correctly
There were a handful of fields that were not populating on the BankTransactions table during posting with BirdDog software.
11843403 - Add Feature Switch to Disable Auto Freight Rating on Sales Orders
When licensed for the Freight Module, our system recalculates freight anytime a sales order is touched. There are scenarios where this is less than ideal, such as when a customer is licensed for Freight and using our Confirm Ship system, but they are not using our Picking System. This scenario breaks some assumptions that cause freight to be doubled during the end of day process. We need to move from freight being implicitly calculated on a sales order to it being calculated expliclitly. However, this is a massive change that will generate a lot of bugs until we chase down all the places that have to be fixed, so instead of making a hard change, we've decided to add a feature switch. For now, all customers will continue to operate the old way unless the feature switch is enabled with the script here.
11843498 - Add Ability to Resend CommerceHub Invoices
The CommerceHub environment will accept an invoice and then later send an email that it didn't like something about it. Once the configuration has been fixed you need to update the BD Connector Linkages table to force the CommerceHub Connector to resend them. CommerceHub will email a response. We added the ability to paste in the body of the email and force all of the corresponding linkages to the proper state so they will resend the invoice.
11843552 - Update WooCommerce Connector to Use Default Tax Code If Customer is Set to a Tax Schedule
WooCommerce does not support tax schedules, but some of the ERPs that we connect to only use them and our original pass of the connector presumed that both were an option for Woo. Now, if Customer is set to a single tax code, we use that tax code on the sales order and set the tax amount and percentage; if Customer is set to multiple tax codes or a tax schedule then we use the tax code from the connector account on the sales order and set the tax amount and percentage; additionally, the WooCommerce connector no longer supports a default tax schedule, only a tax code. If you were previously set to a tax schedule it will throw an error on every run until you set a tax code. This does not apply to customers running Sage 100 as it only supports tax schedules.
11843620 - Sales Person Commission Percent Being Lost
In Macola ES/10, when Selecting an order using BirdDog, the slspsn_pct_comm field was being set to the sales person's commission percentage when this field actually means "what percentage of the order does this sales person get commission on" and should be 100 if there is only one sales person.
11843731 - Add Support For Starting Order to the WooCommerce Connector
Add support for starting order on the connector to avoid the system trying to download the entire history from WooCommerce. Any order before the starting order is ignored.