Bug Fixes - Version 16.1.25 - Released 19 March 2022

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11843127 - Removed Redundant SMTP Settings in Enterprise for Windows
Previously, Enterprise for Windows had two separate settings for email: one located at Settings | Email | Errors and one at Settings | Email | SMTPServer. We removed the former.
11846383 - Salesperson on Customer Record Not Syncing to SvcPro
When changing the SalesPerson on a customer record in BirdDog, the ServicePro Connector did not Sync the change up to ServicePro.
11846692 - M1 Sales Order Line Long Description Is Not Being Populated With The Parts Long Description
Orders synced into a M1 environment using the connector sub-system were not including the long description of the parts on the order.
11846962 - Map WooCommerce Order.Customer Note To Sales Order Comments
Comments on a WooCommerce order were not syncing down to the local database when using the connector sub-system. Also removed the WooCommerce order number mapping to commments since it is already in the PO field.
11847140 - Not All M1 Order Freight Fields Are Being Set
The M1 ERP supports freight at several different levels - multi-currency, freight at a line level, freight at a header level - and we were not handling that properly prior to this build.
11847238 - Sales Person Not Defaulting Correctly From Ship To
When placing an order in sales order import with a .csv in Enterprise for Windows with a ship to that has a different salesperson than the customer, it defaulted to the customer's salesperson, and not the ship to's salesperson.
11847531 - Amazon Connector Not Handling FBA Orders Correctly
The Amazon connector was previously ignoring orders with a status of "Shipped" which meant all FBA orders got ignored. We also fixed an issue where I-type orders were not auto-selecting bin and serial/lot transactions correctly.
11848305 - FedEx Freight Rating Fails When Location Country Set to 3 Character ISO Country Code
FedEx expects a 2-digit country code - US, for example - but some ERPs allow for 3-digit codes - USA - and we were not handling that properly.