New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
7642419 - Restored Ability to Add Items Using Enterprise for Macola ES/10 Sites
This is something that was deactivated an eternity ago due to how Macola ES/10 worked; now, you can once more add items to your ES environment using your local website pointed to that database.
11836330 - Link Customers on Org ID/OrgLocID
Added Downloaded_After event to WooCommerce
11845595 - Create Shopify Customer Linkage Import
Add Import Shopify Connector Customer Linkages to Enterprise for Windows | Utilities | Import | Connectors | Shopify | Customer Linkages and to web imports.
11845620 - WooCom - Need Terms To Be Pulled From Order Rather Than Customer
This adds payment terms mapping that works the same as the ship via mapping for WooCommerce. Instructions for using this can be found here.
11845877 - Record The US Post Office Freight Quote Request And Response
We added the database columns BDCarts.FreightQuoteRequest and FreightQuoteReturned a long time ago. However, we only implemented values for UPS and FedEx. Added support for the US Post Office.