Bug Fixes - Version 17.1.10 - Released 2 May 2022

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11845729 - Clicking On Links on Categories26b Page Doesn't Work Correctly
When logged into a website and visiting a page with Categories26b layout, the actual page is hidden behind a blacked out label.
11846636 - Special Items Info In Wrong Location on Site Settings
To enable Special Order Items, you must navigate to the Order Settings sub-tab on Site Settings. However, Order Settings is for both Ecommerce and Service Pro, and Special Order Items is only for Customer Service. Need to move that to the Customer Service tab.
11848914 - Add Mapping For Sales Order Ship Date
Prior to this enhancement the connector allowed Sage 100 to calculate the Sales Order Ship Date, we now set it explicitly to the value in the BirdDog Sales Order.
11849990 - Sort Sub-Projects By Start Date
When using our BRAIN system, on the Incident Form page, open sub-projects sorted correctly, but Complete and Both were not.