Bug Fixes - Version 17.1.7 - Released 23 March 2022

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11841880 - Ship To country not selected when case doesn't match
This was an unusual fringe case where the country name value in the database had been altered (Germany vs GERMANY, for example) which was resulting the country in question not being selectable for new orders. Resolved.
11844671 - Inconsistency for Formatting Percentages on Order Rules Results Criteria
When setting up an Order Rule using the 'Percentage Off Order' Result, the system allowed you to use % format in the Criteria (10%), but when setting up an Order Rule using the 'Line Discount' Result, it did not allow you to use the % format in the Criteria. This is inconsistent between results. Updated 'Line Discount' to allow a % in the criteria (ie. 10.5%). Also updated the criteria help of 'Percentage Off Order' Result and 'Line Discount' Result to be more clear on how to enter the value and what the result actually does.