New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
11836155 - Send Keywords When Uploading Items to Amazon
Updated the Amazon connector item upload to map Item Meta Keywords to Keywords > Search Terms
11836401 - USPS Web Tools Notice: Unsecure HTTP Endpoint Retirement
USPS announced plans to retire the URL that our system utilized for freight rating, so we updated the software to use the new URL that they provided. We also added support for the testing flag on the freight account for USPS to use their testing URL.
11841489 - Add Currency Literal to the Email
Added support to cart, order, and invoice emails to be able to reference currency literal and description with the syntax %Currency.Literal% or %Currency.Description%.
11841817 - Update Sage 100 Connector to Require Sales/COGS Account Before Downloading Customers and Sales Orders
Prior to this change, the Sage 100 connector sub-system would sync customers/sales orders without the sales/COGS account set on the connector. If we ran into a situation where these were required, we would throw an error on order upload. With this change, we require these to be set before even trying to keep those kinds of errors from occurring.