Bug Fixes - 18.1.14 - Released 25 May 2022

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11850875 - Out Of Range Invoice Line Unit Price Doesn't Give A Good Error Message
Improved error message.
11850964 - Sales Tax Percentage Is Wrong When Tax Code Applies To Freight
When placing an order in Shopify as a guest and syncing that order to Macola, if the tax code used on the order has the 'Tax Freight' box checked, the tax amount in Macola was recalculated and did not match the tax amount on Shopify.
11851053 - Unable To Download Sales Order Because Organization No Longer Has The Status of Customer
Observed with the M1 connector during the initial BirdDog setup where an existing sales order in the system once had a customer assigned to it, but that customer's status (for whatever reason) had been changed from Active to None. Our system was choking on this kind of data.
11851078 - M1 Connector Is Pulling Down The Wrong List Price
An error in the query to pull PartUnitSalePrices down from M1 was sometimes causing an incorrect price to come across.
11851236 - Typo On LogViewer
Unhandled Exception in Category field was misspelled as Unhandeled on multiple logs.