Bug Fixes - 18.1.28 - Released 19 September 2022

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11850386 - Add DownloadOrderLine_After Event to Amazon Connector
This is a new event to allow things like tax to be set from the Amazon line information.
11851309 - Product Category Page Doesn't Handle Adding Price Code Before Saving
When generating a new product category, you had to save it before you could add a price code to it. We adjust it so you can add the price code on the fly while creating the category.
11851345 - M1 Qty-Avail Not Updating at Order Upload
In M1 environments, when parts with the “delivery type” of “pull from stock” are added to an order, the “QTY Available” field updates to remove the quantity just entered on the order. This was not happening when orders were downloaded using the connector sub-system.
11851397 - EntWin Reports Label Typo
Originally, the reported issue was that Packing Slip Report name was duplicated in Enterprise for Windows | Settings. This was initially believed to be a typo as it should have been ProForma Invoice. However, these 3 report names were not being used anywhere so this removes them entirely. Note: Be advised that if you run older code against the database after they're removed, the older code will add them back.
11851453 - Magento Connector No Longer Authenticates Using Just the Access Token
This is technically not a bug on our end. Magento has made changes that require enabling the setting "Magento Allow OAuth Tokens to be Used as Standalone Bearer Tokens" that only exist in 2.4.4 or later. Adjusted our code to take that into account.
11851467 - Edit Address Links on Checkout and Address Book Should Respond to Site Settings
In site settings, under the Ecommerce tab, there is an option to "Allow Editing of Bill To Address" and "Allow Editing of Ship To Addresses." When unchecked, customers should not even see the options to make changes to those addresses, whether on the checkout page or the account address book, but they were.
11851699 - M1 Delivery Type Is Not Defaulting correctly
Delivery type pulls from Parts.impDeliverytype in M1 environments; if that is not set, then they pull from ProductionProperties.xapOMDeliveryType to be placed in Salesorderdeliveries.omdDeliveryType. Our connector sub-system was not handling that properly.
11852422 - Sync BDCountrySubDivisions
This fixes a bug introduced by 11846695 Add a City Level To The Country And State/Province System implemented in 18.1.14 where the PPCtlFil_sql was no longer syncing. It also finishes the implementation by syncing BDCountrySubDivisions and BDCountryLocations.