New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
11846176 - Auth Card In The Ecom Site And Capture When Invoiced in External ERP
The purpose of this enhancement is to allow customers running BirdDog Ecommerce via an ERP integration that supports downloading invoices (Sage 100, for example) to capture the credit card on ecommerce orders. The Captures Posted Invoices job needs to be running for this to function correctly.
11846695 - Add a City Level To The Country And State/Province System
This project adds another level below SubDivision called Location; Locations are specifically built to hold cities, but can hold other things (i.e. ports or military bases). This also fixes an issue where the system can't decide if it is Country / Province or Country / State or Country / State or Province. It is now Country / SubDivision since different countries call the next level down a lot of different things (states, provinces, districts, etc.) Finally, this project updates the order sales tax logic to look at Location, then SubDivision, then Country, then it falls back to the default customer settings on Site Settings.
11846992 - Connector Is Downloading Orders With A Status Of Cancelled
15.2.6 stopped the downloading of WooCommerce orders with a status of failed; this stops downloading orders with a status of cancelled.
11850269 - Add Shopify Customer Downloading Events
Add Shopify events CustomerDownload_ShouldPopulateDefault and CustomerDownload.
11850680 - Map Promise Date To Delivery Date
Prior to this build, we mapped Sales Order.Order_Date to SalesOrderDeliveries.omdDeliveryDate in the M1 connector. We now map to Sales Order Line.PromiseDate instead.
11850724 - Update The Sales Order po_no Field Length To Match the ERP Length
This updates SalesOrder.PO_No to: This is the reason for the point release.
11850885 - Add Support For M1 Sales Order Line Negative Discounts
BirdDog doesn't (currently) support negative discounts but M1 does. We removed the broken rule if the external erp is M1.
11851057 - Add Ability To Sync Purchase And Production Order Tables
In our system, BDSyncTables already exists. However, to have full support for the entire syncing process including the ability to handle future changes the sync system has to support specific tables. This feature adds support for "POCTLFIL_SQL", "POORDHDR_SQL", "POORDLIN_SQL", "PPORDFIL_SQL", "PPLINCMT_SQL".
11851129 - M1 Connector Doesn't Handle Sales/Invoice Line Discounts Over 100%
The BirdDog system is limited to discounts from 0% to 100%. M1 actually allows discounts from -100% to 100%. This updates our system to allow this when running against M1.