Bug Fixes - 18.0.58 - Released 25 May 2022

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
6058002 - Thread Was Being Aborted At BirdDogPage.RecordPageHit
This lowers the logging level of the ThreadAbortException in RecordPageHit to 5. Basically, this is just removing noise from logging.
11850427 - Change Alpha Numeric Invoice Number Error To A Warning
Currently, the BirdDog Connector Sub-System does not allow alphanumeric invoice numbers but ERPs like Sage 100 do and this disconnect was causing the integration to fail due to it reporting errors. We changed this to just a warning so the connector would not hard-fail.
11850674 - Items With Product Category Codes Longer Than 3 Aren't Pricing Correctly
This is seen only in the BirdDog Engine as Macola limits product category codes to 3 characters, so as a result, our system was defaulting to that logic and pricing was not returning correctly in BD engine systems with longer product category codes.
11850818 - Event Not Being Hit And We Don't Know Why
Add logging to the event system that explains when custom events are called and not called. Also added more logging to the WooCommerce AddLine event to help explain how the item number is being determined.
11851169 - SvcPro Connector Setting Ship Instructions 1 Field to WO Number
When downloading an order from Service Pro, the connector was setting the Ship Instructions 1 field to the SP Work Order Number, but this is unnecessary since the Order Numbers always match between SP and BirdDog.