New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
11827288 - Order Edit Needs Taxable Check Box
Customer Service | Enter Orders has a Taxable checkbox on it, but after the order was generated, you couldn't change the taxable status of an order. Now you can.
11841212 - Create Custom Screen For Sales People Under Customer Service License
Added a new page on the web site located at Customer Service | Reports | Item Search (beta). When a customer service representative (CSR) has the Customer Service license, they can access this page and easily look up items for a customer they are on the phone with. On this page, they can quickly see list price, customer price (if it's any different) and quantity on hand, as well as being able to add the item to the cart without having to actually be on the Enter Order page.
11842389 - Add Standard Support for PostHog
An analytics service similar to Google Analytics, PostHog can now be utilized via the API key we added to Site Settings | Main Settings.
11842561 - Download Amazon Ship-To Info From ShippingEasy
Add support to the Amazon connector to request shipping info from the ShippingEasy connector
11842696 - Add Custom Field Mapping to the M1 Connector
Added custom field support to sales orders and lines for the M1 environment. NOTE: Adding custom field mapping to an existing system has the ability to wipe out data. For example, if you have already synced all of the sales orders and they have an existing UDF and you then go add the mapping to that custom field and bump the sales order on the BD side we will blank out the existing value. Additional instructions on bumping the sales order here.
11845178 - Enhance the M1 Connector With 2-way Sales Orders and the Download of Purchase and Work Orders
  • Updated M1 Sales Order sync to two-way to enable Customer Service support
  • Added the downloading of Purchase Orders
  • Added the downloading of Jobs to BirdDog Work Orders
11847438 - QuickBooks Desktop Connector - Phone_No Too Long Error
Updated ARCusFil_sql.phone_no to 50 for BirdDog Engine.
11847797 - M1 Sales Order Enhancements
  • Added a new event added to support updating the sales order in M1 after we write it
  • Added mapping of sales order sales people to M1
  • Added mapping of sales order comments to M1
  • Added mapping of customer and ship to sales person to BD customer and ship tos.
11848160 - Update GraphQL to Return Location Quantity Availability
This branch moves Site Settings | cXML | Return Locations to Global Settings | Security | Return Locations. While this was on Site Settings, it is actually a global setting and adding a location to one site would cause it to appear on all other sites.
11849017 - Improve WooCommerce CustomerDownloadGetCustomerNo event
Changed the under-the-hood implementation of the CustomerDownloadGetCustomerNo event for WooCommerce to allow it to override existing customer linkages.
11849148 - QuickBooks Desktop Connector - Add Support For Other Charge Items With A Rate Type Of Percent
We missed a scenario where QuickBooks Desktop customers could have sales orders with a Rate Type of Percent. Prior to this, we presumed the Rate Type would always be set to Rate.
11849684 - M1 Price Code Basis Incorrect
We discovered M1 PartPriceBreaks records could have zeros for all discounts and prices. We originally mapped these to a price code with a basis of Price and this caused the system to calculate a zero price in some cases. This updates the mapping to create a 0% discount from those records instead of a $0 price.
11845792 - BirdDog Default Pricing Setup Does Not Match M1
M1's pricing system has 8 price codes just like BirdDog's. However, the default order they process them in is different which could cause us to return an incorrect item price in some circumstances. When running against M1, we have updated our price code order to match theirs.
11850293 - Add Ability To Delete The Revenue From An Opportunity
Made enhancements to BRAIN to allow the removal of revenue data from opportunity projects. Also removed the Revenue label because it simply duplicated the Revenue amount on said project.
11850520 - Major Enhancements to Delivery Date Calculation Logic
Did some pretty significant enhancements for how the system calculates the promise date on a sales order line. Here is a helpful graphic to explain how that works and below are the changes we implemented:
  • Added lots of level 4 logging to the Available to Promise (ATP) so you can tell how an ATP date is being calculated
  • Updated ATP to look at open work orders
  • Updated ATP to look at both purchase and work orders for manufactured items (since we might purchase a manufactured item sometimes)
  • Purchase and work orders with a due date past the item's lead time are ignored (assumed we can buy/make them faster than the existing order)
  • Purchase and work orders with a due date before today are ignored (assumed to be invalid)