Bug Fixes - 19.0.10 - Released 19 September 2022

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11847501 - Tax Exempt Number Field Not Passing between BirdDog and Sage
A new customer created in Sage 100 with a tax exempt number was not syncing up to BirdDog with that number the appropriate table. If an customer was generated in BirdDog or a different system (like Service Pro) with a tax exempt number and synced down, it would bring that number down to Sage, so this was only an issue going one way. Additional information regarding setup for this can be found here.
11851850 - ConfirmTo Field In Sage100 Gets Overwritten When Syncing Order To SvcPro and Back
This bug was discovered following a specific scenario: an order was generated in Service Pro, synced down to Sage 100 and then adjusted by adding new data to the 'Confirm to' field there was not syncing back up to ServicePro with that information. Further, this required both connectors to be enabled as if they were run one at a time - so one is disabled until after the connector was run, and then it was disabled and the other was enabled for a second connector run - this worked fine, so it was clear that the data was stepping on itself.
11852476 - Cart.Ordered By Name is Defaulting to Customer.Name on Shopify Orders
On an order downloaded from Shopify, the Cart.Ordered_byname was defaulting to Customer.Name and should have been defaulting to Customer.Contact. Our fix low involves a level change to how the Cart functions which changes the way OrderedBy info (name,email,phone) gets defaults. This removes scenarios where ordered by name default to the customer name. It also removes any defaulting of OrderedBy info when the User has the customer service role.