Bug Fixes - 19.1.27 - Released 30 September 2022

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11847021 - Able To Place Order Without Choosing A New Shipto Address
Orders created by an Ecommerce user where an alternate saved shipping address was selected were not generating with this correct address, which made receiving items difficult.
11851956 - Amazon Connector Not Pulling Down Shipping Charges on Orders
When using the Amazon connector, freight charges were not coming down correctly to the local ERP.
11853509 - Country Location Does Not Handle Quotation Marks In Name
Unusual scenario where the original ERP environment being utilized had apostrophes in the order address. BirdDog wasn't handling that correctly when pointed at it.
11853767 - M1 Connector Won't Delete Jobs That Have Been Released
Fixed an issue where if the job was released and then deleted in M1 it did not get deleted in BirdDog.
11854134 - Remove View Invoices In Enterprise for Windows
This functionality has been removed entirely from Enterprise for Windows. Note: Be advised that if you run older code against the database after this has been removed, the older code will add it back.
11854294 - M1 Connector Not Handling International Data Well
Customers with non-US countries in M1 were getting changed to the United States in the course of the connector run. Essentially, country codes in M1 have considerably larger field lengths than the core BirdDog engine is accustomed to, so the connector was presuming the information being downloaded was wrong and in the process ended up defaulting back to US. Now it throws a warning and skips that customer.
11854986 - Posting Not Setting All Fields On The Header And Line correctly
When posting an invoiced order in BirdDog and comparing it to a posted order in Macola, we were noting some inconsistencies with OE Header History and OE Line History tables.
11855142 - Sage 100 Timestamp Not Being Set On Legacy Sales Orders Causing Sync Loops
In an earlier version, we added an optimization to track changes on the Sage 100 side of the connector to keep from downloading when we didn't need to. There was a logic error in this code that caused some issues with changes that appeared in more recent versions. These issues created a scenario where a customer upgrading from an earlier version using a current version of our software could experience a download loop if they were using more than one connector and changed an old sales order.