Bug Fixes - 19.2.30 - Released 27 February 2023

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11857632 - JobMaster Not Refreshing License
Job Master was not written to refresh a customer's license. It was assumed that running Enterprise or Enterprise for Windows would do this. This does not work for fully automated customers that only run Job Master so we added the ability with this enhancement.
11859510 - Reported Production Integrator Fails With NULL Error
Using Enterprise for Windows | Utilities | Integrators | Report Product was completely broken and simply wasn't working at all. This fixes that.
11859554 - Website Doesn't Honor Site Settings Order Defaults
On Site Settings | Order Defaults on a BirdDog Ecommerce website, there are options that can be populated that will automatically add information to an order such as Shipping Instructions or generic User Fields. An error had been introduced into the code so that new orders were not writing information from this site setting to the order in the database.
11858738 - Add ItemFormWide item layout
This adds a new item layout that incorporates any existing fields on the item. To properly utilize this, the item must have populated Item fields. You can then set this Content by editing the Item in the website, navigating to Page Information, and manually setting Content Layout to ItemFormWide. Alternately, if you wish to use this layout globally on your website, you can navigate to site settings | Ecommerce | Other and set the Default Item Template to ItemFormWide. An example of this in use can be found on our demo site here.
11859863 - Job Master Doesn't Use License From Config
While testing 11857632 above, we determined that Job Master wasn't properly honoring license information from the existing config file. If the information was blown out from the BDSettings table in an existing database, it had to be manually added back in. Now, when the service runs again, if the license is properly setup in the config file, Job Master will look at that file and update the BDSettings table with this information.