Bug Fixes - 19.2.39 - Released 28 April 2023

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11857808 - M1 Connector Doesn't Handle Contacts With Multiple Email Addresses
Prior to this ticket, the connector sub-system would fail if it ran into multiple email addresses on a single contact, a scenario that is perfectly legitimate with M1. Now we download the first one and report the others as a warning.
11858277 - Invoice Line Comments Not Downloading
This was happening when using the connector for Sage 100; order line comments were being downloaded, but invoice line comments were not.
11858502 - Invalid License Error When Out of Database Licenses and the Local License Has Expired
Improved the error message to better explain what was going on.
11859498 - Amazon Connector Not Deleting Failed Item Linkages Correctly
When the Amazon connector reports that an item failed to upload, the item linkage is supposed to deleted. Prior to this build, it was instead failing with a very ugly error.
11860712 - Magento Connector Events Example Is Wrong
Removed some incorrect information from our example Magento event that was causing it to fail.
11860828 - Site Allow Entry of More Users Than Licensed For
The web software allowed user creation even if the max users were already at capacity. This led to the site becoming nonfunctional.
11861753 - Guest Checkout On Ecommerce Does NOT Handle Sage CusNos Correctly
In an Ecommerce system using a Sage 100 environment, when the Guest Customer is set to use a Sage formatted customer - 00-[CUSNO], for example - the Checkout page did not actually log you in as a Guest Customer.