Bug Fixes - 19.2.45 - Released 30 November 2023

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11843649 - New Address On Checkout Broken
During Ecommerce checkout, the option exists to create a new shipping address on the checkout page. Before this build, when you created a new address, the popup was not automatically closing after the address was saved, the address list was not removed after the popup was manually closed, and the new address was not saved to the correct table.
11850125 - Convert to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
Google replaced their existing Universal Analytics with Google Analytics 4. As of 1 July 2023, Universal Analytics stopped processing new hits. As of this build, we support GA4. Instructions for use can be found here.
11856578 - Shopify Connector Not Downloading Order Lines Without Product Information
When downloading some subscription orders from Shopify, the connector was registering the order lines as deleted and was not downloading the order (since it was only a 1 line order).
11859025 - Send to Service Pro Box Not Behaving Correctly
When a Sage 100 order had the 'SendToServicePro' box unchecked and there was no Service Pro connector setup, the connector sub-system correctly sent the orders to BirdDog. If a Service Pro connector was set up after the orders were already in BirdDog with the 'SendToServicePro' set to '0', the connector was still uploading those orders to Service Pro even though it wasn't supposed to.
11863058 - AvaTax Error on Upload to Service Pro
Observed an ugly error when populating data to a new Service Pro instance stating that the AvaTax method or operation is not implemented.