Bug Fixes - Version 20.0.43 - Released 28 April 2023

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11858492 - A/P Summary Report Not Returning Any Data
In a previous build, we fixed the BirdDogNumericEditor control to handle negative values, but instead allowed anything to be entered, which broke this page.
11854735 - Accumulator Fields in ARSlmFil Not Updating During Posting Process
When posting an order in Macola, the accumulator fields in ARSlmFil increment after the order is posted. When posting an order in EntWin the accumulator fields in ARSlmFil did not increment after the order is posted. We made a number of coding fixes to resolve this, principally to align more closely to how Macola functions and to drastically improvements to posting error messages. Added the creation of A/R Commission due records during the posting process as well as the updating of Sales Person MTD/YTD accumulators, which had previously been overlooked. Finally, this also contains a fix for loading sales order line item permissions. Prior to this fix, if the user doing the posting didn't have access to one of the audiences the item was in, then the posting would fail.
11857143 - M1 Connector Not Updating Price Changes Without Bumping Record
Updated DownloadPartUnitSalePrices in the M1 connector sub-system to bump the table one a day in order to force a refresh. This way, pricing changes made in M1 are picked up properly and do not require direct database record manipulation (aka "bumping" the table.)
11858504 - Order Is On Hold and Cannot Be Selected during Shipping Interface
Improved Logging to better explain this functionality.
11858899 - Using 'Add Copy To Your Current Order' Button on Invoice Does Not Populate Lines
When using the 'Add copy to your current order' button on an Invoice, the system would not let you place your order with the item lines. Also when trying to add item lines to the order, it did not let you add the item.
11860058 - Field Import Does Not Work With Categories
When using the Field Import for WebCategories, an ugly error is received.
11860673 - Kit Items Not Defaulting To The Correct COST When Added To A Sales Order
Kit/Feature Items have a setting "Kit/Feature Cost Method" that can be these options: Item Location, which uses the item/location cost like a normal item; Rollup, which uses the component cost; Rollup With Parent, which uses the components cost plus the cost of the parent. This functionality was broken so regardless of what option was selected, our web software was showing only the cost of the parent item.
11860832 - Make Ship Via Selection Before Freight Pay Code and Collect Account Number
On the CheckOut page, shifted the ship via selection dropdown list (DDL) location as it should be first before Freight Pay Code and Collect Account Number. Also changed a label.
11860897 - Sync Doesn't Handle Apostrophes In Key Values
We were observing an incorrect syntax error message during initial sync upload due to apostrophes being in certain fields that we were not expecting to be present.