Bug Fixes - Version 20.0.60 - Released 30 November 2023

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
9649420 - Billing Address Blanks Out When Check Box Unchecked
When you clicked the "Billing address is the same as shipping address" checkbox on the checkout page and then unchecked it, the billing address was cleared and you were forced to re-enter the info to place an order.
11861546 - Key Fixer Doesn't Support the NVarChar Column Type
Updated the Key Fixer tool to better handle this.
11862423 - Object Reference Error When Clearing Parent Project No On A Project
When using the BRAIN CRM functionality in our software and removing a parent project number from a sub-task so as to move it out from under that parent, an object reference error was happening upon clicking on Save.
11863644 - Enterprise for Windows PO Receipt Import Allows Multiple Items With Same Serial No When It Should Not
When using the PO Receipt Import in Enterprise for Windows to import a .csv with with purchase order receipts, 2 items with the same Serial/Lot No. were allowed to be added, which was wrong.
11864090 - AvaTax Invalid Destination Address Error Messages Actually Report The Source Address
If you attempted to print an order acknowledgment in Enterprise for Windows on an order with an invalid ship-to address using AvaTax, the resulting error provided the wrong address. The bug turned out to be that even though it was reporting the correct error (destination address) it was displaying the source address.