New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
10780776 - Integrate with ECi E-Automate
This enhancement updates the BirdDog Connector Sub-System to integrate the ECi E-Automate supplier portal; our service listens for incoming requests from E-Automate and responds with the appropriate information. Consult the linked documentation for additional information.
11832043 - Add Item Setting That Allows It To Be Reported As Freight When Uploading To E-Automate
On the Item Setup tab on the ItemEdit page, we added the Report As dropdown list with three options: Normal (this is the default setting), Freight and Miscellaneous. Our new ECi E-Automate connector honors this setting when uploading invoices. If set, we remove it from the list of items and add it to the freight or miscellaneous amount on the order header. If there are more than one freight/miscellaneous item on the order, we sum them together.
11849897 - Sales Order Import Job Missing Job Description and Additional Info
Improved existing on-page documentation for the Sales Order import job.
11851404 - Project Management Enhancements - Start and End Date Improvements
Updated existing functionality so that when you complete a project, the project's completion date updates the start date of all of the dependent projects.
11857328 - Add Ability To Initially Assign A Task To A Role
When using BRAIN, you can assign a task to a Role instead of an individual person. This creates a task in the inbox of all employees who have that role, and as soon as an employee acknowledges that task, it is assigned to him or her and this task is removed from the inbox of the other users with that role.
11858079 - Add More Filters To The Projects By Type Report
Major updates to the /BRAIN/ProjectsByType.aspx page.
11858641 - Add Support For Fractions To The Item Import
Item import will now support values in the format # #/# or #.#/# when importing floating point values. The system will automatically convert these to decimals under the hood, so 3/4=0.75, -3/4=-0.75, 7/8=0.875, and so on.
11859074 - Support Global>Order Entry>Shipping>Print Proforma Invoices Setting When Picking From Enterprise for Windows
Renamed Enterprise>System Manager>System>Global Settings>Customer Service to Order Entry and moved everything on the Shipping tab to the Order Entry tab. Updated EntWin>Transactions>Pick/Pack>Print Picking Tickets to honor the Global>Order Entry>Shipping>Print Proforma Invoices setting. Previously this setting was only honered by the shipping console screen.
11859193 - Add UOM To Field Definitions
This project has multiple enhancements to existing functionality:
  • Decreased the UOM Code length from 4 to 2 for M1 environments.
  • Added a number of extra options on /Enterprise/UOM.aspx
  • Added tooltips to all options on /Enterprise/UOM.aspx
11859499 - Display Call For Pricing And Don't Allow Buy When Price Is Zero
If the item price is zero and the current user who is logged in is not an Enterprise User, then our web software now displays "Call for Pricing" and hides the add to cart button.
11859930 - Page Not Found When URL Uses a PageCode and a Trailing Slash
This enhancement fixes an issue where pages are not being found if they end with a slash(/). One of the results of this fix is that webcategory codes that end with a slash are no longer legal.
11860746 - Add Ability To Import Field Definitions
We already allowed fields to be imported, but prior to this build, had to manually update the field definitions once they added.
11860914 - Document Handling of Apply To on Cash Receipts Import
Major improvement to the documentation on the example CSV for this import.
11860961 - Add Contact Layout
This project added a couple of new things:
  • Increases DocumentLayout.Description from 255 to 8,000 characters
  • This adds a new layout for displaying tagged contacts from BRAIN CRM (Categories38). Originally, this was built to display a list of reps or dealers by country and state/province. By default, this new layout displays a list of contacts where the contact field Rep Country / Subdivision contains the value that is on the webcategory field Rep Country / Subdivision. This layout is customizable and allows for displaying any list of contacts/addresses that are tagged to one or more lists.