New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
11799691 - Create Initial Pass of Infor Syteline Connector
Added support for Infor Syteline connector. This is a level 1 integration.
11850775 - Add Price And Stock Check API End Point For E-Automate
In 20.0.43, we deployed our integration with the ECi E-Automate supplier portal. This enhances the existing functionality by adding price and stock check API information
11854922 - Integrate with FreightView
Adds support for FreightView as a supported shipper. This supports LTL Economy and LTL Priority. When using FreightView, you will typically setup a ship-via code in your ERP for each and every LTL carrier that you want to rate. Further, you need to assign a Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) to each of these ship-via codes to avoid rating performance slowdowns. SCAC codes can be looked up here.
11857568 - Create Initial Pass of Aslan Interactive Websites Connector
Added support for the Aslan Interactive connector. This is an Ecommerce connector that brings Orders down and pushes Invoices up.
11858699 - Add Field Definition Import
New import options added to both Enterprise for Windows and the web software.
11858816 - Add Shipping Interface Interface Transactions Starting Event
Add new event that will allow for custom processes right before the standard shipping interface logic starts. This adds three events This adds three processes:
  • InterfaceTransactionsStarting
  • ProcessBirdDogShippingTrxsStarting
  • ProcessRemainingManifestTrxsStarting
11859031 - Update AvaTax Commit Job To handle Post And Commit
This adds three new parameters to the Sales Tax Connector: Commit Sales Tax job:
  • Process - Commit or Post - Commit - This is the default value if blank.
    • Process commits invoices that were posted to AvaTax during the BirdDog invoicing printing process
    • Post - Posts all invoices in history to AvaTax in the days back range that have not been posted yet, then runs the commit process
  • Days Back - Days back to look for unposted invoices. 0 is today and 1 is yesterday.
  • Batch IDs - Comma-separated list of batch IDs to process. Since this is already in a list of comma-separated values they need to be set off by quotes in the format "Batch 01,Batch 02"
11860857 - Add A Setting To cXML Allow Customer Default Even If Not In Allowed Ship Via List
Added a new option in Site Settings | cXML: A checkbox for Allow Customer Default Ship Via When Not In Ship Via List - the default behavior of the software is to require that a ship via actually be in the list of allowed ship vias before it can be used. If the customer's default ship via is not in the list, then the first valid ship via in the list is used as default. If this setting is checked, the customer's default ship via will be allowed to be used.
11860858 - Add Setting To cXML For Maximum Quantity Returned
Added a new option in Site Settings | cXML: Maximum Quantity Returned For A Stock Check - if the quantity available is greater than this maximum, then the value plugged in here is returned instead.
11861377 - Set Connector Default When SvcPro Built-In Data is Used in New Synced Fields
This is related to project 11843764 from 19.0.10 that incorporated the new fields to sync from Service Pro; currently, Service Pro auto-generates a number of "built-in" defaults for the fields that we are now syncing. When one of these built-in values was used on an order pre-19.2, we ignored the value on the SP side and used the connector default when syncing the order from SP to BD and then over to Sage. With the 19.2 update, we began to validate these fields on order download and threw an error because they only existed in SP. This was going to cause a fair bit of data conversion to be done on the Service Pro side, since we now required these fields to contain valid data. With this, however, we are changing that behavior from "report warning and don't download" on customer/ship to/sales order codes of Customer Type, ShipVia, SalesPerson, and Terms to "report warning and use connector defaults for the value" which negates the need for data conversion.
11862080 - Create Tagged Categories and Items Page Layout
New web-page layout that displays a list of webcategories and items where the webcategory and item field Tags contains the value that is on the parent webcategory field Tags. See here for instructions about how to use this.
11862385 - Add Abbreviation Property To Field Definitions
Added Abbreviation and Tool Tip to field maintenance. Added Abbreviation and Tooltip to the Field Definition import.
11864492 - cXML Page Not Returing Anything
Going to using BirdDog software is supposed to return data, but instead, the page was simply blank.
11868296 - Improve UX for Document List and Document Editor
Our import system uses our document management system (DMS) pretty heavily under the hood. Unfortunately, the filter capabilites for Enterprise | Content Manager | Documents was inadequate as most imports ended up having the same name, which made the search text next to useless. This project adds lots of filter capabilities to that screen to make it easier to find a doc.