Bug Fixes - 21.0.26 - Released 30 November 2023

This branch has the following features implemented:
11865665 - Shopify Bug Uploading Invoices
When uploading a Invoice from BirdDog to Shopify, we were getting an error that suggested the Invoices in BD do not match the info in Shopify.
11865769 - Updated the Shopify Connector to Use API Version 2023-01
Shopify only supports APIs for a year, so as of this build, we updated the BirdDog Connector Sub-System for Shopify to use the Shopify API 2023-01.
11867053 - Sage 100 Customer Telephone Number Too Short
Sage 100 allows telephone numbers to be 20 characters and extensions to be 6. Increased the field lengths for this.
11867233 - Invalid Freight Account Shows Logs Error As Invalid Ship Via
This was an odd case where a ship-via code referenced a general ledger code that did not exist; in our default UI, BirdDog does not allow this as it is "illegal", but in some hosted Ecommerce environments or connector scenarios where the data isn't quite right does allow this scenario.
11868351 - Order Rules Aren't Undoing Properly
If generating a cart that matches the order rule criteria and then the trigger was changed, the cart was not removing the effect. So, for example, if you had a rule that gives 10% off orders for people who are shipping to the state of Oklahoma and have OK at the state, you would see the 10% off, but if you changed the ship-to to Texas, you would still see the 10% off.